Cloud Backup

Disasater Recovery and Backup

Cloud backups are the outcome of companies effectively replicating every one of the information they have gathered, made, utilized as well as controlled, to a safe and remote area in the cloud for capacity and safety.

The business hazard to data loss adds to critical business downtime, reduced staff efficiency and an unavoidable disintegration of profits. Therefore, it is eminent that organizations realize that they cannot work effectively without data and that data can be lost, hence, they have to secure it.

Host Gardens helps companies plan for data loss or mishap of any kind.


  • Standard: for data backups of 100 gigabytes and below
  • Premium: for data backups not more than 250 gigabytes
  • Platinum: for data backups of 500gigabytes and above.



  • Hassle free cloud storage solutions. We adapt a structured, tried and tested approach to setup the necessary data storage and data transfer facilities at a convenient time, so that your business continues at regular pace without hindrance.
  • High quality infrastructure for data backup. We ensure that your data backups use the latest in leading cloud technologies.
  • We incorporate refined observing software that guarantee that back up fails are detected early and redressed immediately without causing any operational hassle.