Data migration involves the exchange of a lot of security basic information to a database from which it might be exchanged to different systems. It is vital that when the framework becomes operational, its information is right and progressive.

There are numerous reasons organizations may need to migrate data; the normal ones being modernizing your legacy framework, executing a new application, moving up to a more up to date form of a current programming, or combining information from various sources to get a solitary version.

Host Gardens have proven experience in conducting safe and successful data migration for its customers such as Storage migration, Cloud Migration and Application Migration.

Host Gardens is the data migration service provider who can give you the flexibility and power you need to maintain a full chain of ownership at a cost that is affordable to you.


Our hosting plans come with a free data migration service from a previous hosting site without hassle or data loss.

NB: Our free data migration service applies to one domain only.                                                                                 To migrate data from more than one domain, kindly contact us here.


  • Evaluate the data being moved for stability.
  • Identify and brief key stakeholders.
  • Establish a robust data quality rules management process and brief the business on the goals of the project, including shutting down legacy systems.
  • Determine what data to move, and the quality of that data before and after the move.
  • Code the migration logic and test the migration with a mirror of the production environment.
  • Demonstrate that the migration has complied with requirements and that the data moved is viable for business use.
  • Shut down and dispose of old systems.

NB: Services may vary depending on the type of data migration. Contact us for more information!

How to migrate to HostGardens Hosting

1. Existing Account Details

Confirm existing account credentials, and amount of sites you want to migrate. This gives an idea into the type of migration we’ll be managing for you.

2. Allow us Access

Tell us what your current hosting account credentials are (login URL, username, and password) to allow us to directly perform the migration for you.

3. New Account Requirement

Tell us if you have a hosting plan with us already or wish to purchase a new one. We will check your current account and suggest the best option.